Vacation Bible School

The week of August 3-6

The theme comes from our friends at Shepherd of the Lake, “Being a Neighbor; In Your Home and On the Block”! We will meet each morning Mon-Thurs at 11 AM on Zoom, with some easy crafts, snacks, Bible study, and songs! Many of these resources will also be posted online each morning, and available to adults and parents ahead of time, so you can check-in with us live, or follow along with the simple daily activities at a different time 

Signup so we can estimate numbers – thanks!

The snacks and craft lists are here, so you can gather supplies ahead of time! There will not be a pick-up time for supplies for this week. If you need specific supplies, we recommend reaching out to the office or others participating.

There are multiple snack options if you wish, but we will all share one together. There is also an additional community craft option you can do at home – drop them back off at church or send them our way!



Also, on Thursday August 6, we will meet in the church parking lot at 6 PM for a physical distancing dinner! Bring your own food, and we will hangout, and perhaps play some physical distancing games and sing a song or two!

Don’t forget to invite a friend along as well! Thanks!

Contact Josh with Questions –