Update Progress on Mlowa Sunflower Press Project

Great news received from Mlowa, Tanzania, the sunflower press project is moving forward, thanks to your generous contributions and support!  The following message (with pictures) was sent from Pastor Lwila, the BKB DIRA COORDINATOR:

Hello Pastor Kent and all friends of Cristus Victor

Grace and Peace be with you all.
I hope God is keeping you and taking care of you all.
Here in Iringa things are good and we are doing well, we are happy now because God has opened the doors of Visitors from SPAS coming to Iringa. For us it’s a blessing.
I would like to send the photos that shows how Mlowa Parish struggles to make sure they complete the House for the sunflower machine. They are planning to complete the House before the end of this month of July. After completing they will request the money for the Machine. We believe if all goes well August will be the month if buying and fixing the Machine.
Thank you very much for your prayers and concern to your partners of Mlowa.
Mungu awabariki sana.
The members of the parish have made bricks for the new building that will house the sunflower press. Pastor Godhome Mhosole can be seen standing in the doorway of the new building that is near to the main church. The plan is to complete the building in July and purchase and install the sunflower press in August.
ASANTE SANA (Thank You) for your support and prayers!!