‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

Dec 18 – Holiday Chopped Night, 6 PM

How does it work? As a family one person is chosen as your “cook”. They will have one hour to cook dinner or bake a holiday dessert for the rest of the family to eat (whatever works better for you). One other person in the family will be the “special ingredient provider”. They choose ANY 3 random ingredients they want from your house, fridge, pantry, freezer, etc. and the “cook” MUST use those 3 ingredients in the one hour time limit, in addition to whatever else they want for cooking. Experimentation and deliciousness ensues! Everyone joining in from CV will hop on Zoom at 6 PM, either to start baking, or just to watch the fun! We will “judge” everyone’s final products by looks, tates, and creativity.

Dec 19 – “The Star” GLOW Watch Party on Zoom, 11 AM

Join GLOW on Zoom to watch “The Star” together. Wear your PJs, bring lunch, invite a friend to Zoom watch!

Dec 19 – Jr High Game Day on Zoom

Among Us, Jackbox, and more! 4 PM Confirmation kids join in for an afternoon of online games (no lessons, just Jr. High fun!). Games like Jackbox or Fishbowl only need a separate browser to play, so if you can use a second device (one for Zoom and one for the game) it works well, but if not then only one device is just fine! (Zoom audio will still run in the back-ground). For “Among Us”, you need to download the game either on to a phone or tablet for free, or for about $5 on PC.

Dec 20 – CV Caravan Christmas Light Show Through Apple Valley, 5 PM

Everyone is invited to meet at church in the parking lot in their cars, and we will “caravan” our way around Apple Valley to look at some official synchronized Christmas Light Shows! Details about the exact route and which radio stations to tune in to will be coming out soon!

Dec 20 – “Polar Express” Youth Group Watch Party on Zoom, 7 PM

Join the Youth Group for the annual “Polar Express” watch party! Come pick up a goodie bag at church Sunday Dec. 20 in the afternoon before 4:30 PM, including popcorn, hot cocoa, candy canes, and more! Invite a friend and join in the joy!

For questions/more info, contact Josh Svenulski (josh@christusvictor.org). Zoom links are available in the weekly email blasts or contact Josh.