With Joy and Thanksgiving!

Stewardship 2015

Stewardship is more than just giving to a budget. Living and growing as faithful stewards means that we give of our Time, our Talents, and our Treasures with Joy and Thanksgiving. Stewardship is a statement of faith that who we are and everything we have, not just possessions, but all of creation, belongs to God. Stewardship is an act of worship, an expression of our faith in God our creator, redeemer, and sustainer, and a discipline for spiritual growth that helps us become the kind of faithful, grateful, generous people we want to be.

We will be sharing the story of God’s Work in, with, and through our ministries and mission (the Narrative Budget). We want you to know how your giving directly impacts people’s lives and faith in our congregation, our community, and around the world.

In October and November we will be focusing on Stewardship in some creative ways, with a series of presentations in worship called, “Phone Calls from God.” We will also be blessed with special guest speakers: Polly Wright, from Feed My Starving Children, and Rev. Bill Smith, from Lily of the Valley.

We want everyone to experience a taste of God’s abundance, and what is possible when we become grateful and generous stewards of all that belongs to God, through “Try Tithing Sunday.”

“Try Tithing Sunday” An invitation for those who call Christus Victor Lutheran Church their church home to try for one Sunday giving one week’s tithe (10 percent of household weekly income), on Sunday, October 19.

 What is “Try Tithing Sunday”?
It is first an invitation to give one week’s tithe on Sunday, October 19 (10 percent of household weekly income). The purpose is to demonstrate what our giving potential could be if every household in our church family tithed (gave 10%).

Last year over $5,880 was given on “Try Tithing Sunday,” above regular pledged offering!Just like last year, “Try Tithing” offerings above regular pledged offerings will be going to the Feed My Starving Children Mega-Pack, Feb. 9 – 14, 2015.

Why are we doing this?
God’s Work is accomplished on earth through the tithes and offerings of God’s people. By having a “Try Tithing Sunday,” we will experience the abundance of God’s provision and witness the possibilities for ministry and mission. Just imagine what we could accomplish through our ministries with an additional $5,880 every Sunday!!! As we witness the resources available through being grateful and generous givers with the Tithe (10%), we become excited about what God can accomplish through us. Another reason we do this to have a starting point and plan to take steps toward becoming Tithers together.


How are we going to do “Try Tithing Sunday”?

You will be receiving a letter, spreadsheet, and special “Try Tithing” envelope two weeks prior to “Try Tithing Sunday,” Oct. 19 (we will also have them available at church). Find your regular pledge or weekly giving level on the spreadsheet, put your regular offering in your offering envelope for the regular offering time during worship. Find the weekly giving level if you were to tithe and determine the difference between your current giving and tithing. Write a check for the difference, put it into the “Try Tithing” envelope and bring that to worship on Oct. 19. (Exampleweekly income $1000, current giving level $30, tithe level $100, the difference is $70. $70 goes into the “Try Tithing” envelope.)

What if I give electronically through Simply Giving or automatic withdrawal?

                You do not need to adjust your electronic giving, but you will still be able to participate. Determine your weekly giving, your current giving, your tithe level, and the difference between the two. For this one Sunday, include a check in your “Try Tithing” envelope and bring it to worship on October 27.

What if I won’t be in church that Sunday?
If you can’t attend church on Sunday, October 19, please use one of these options:

  1. Mail in your “Try Tithing” envelope so it will arrive prior to October 19.
  2. Give your “Try Tithing” envelope a week earlier.
  3. Drop off your “Try Tithing” envelope in the church office ahead of time.

What if I’m already tithing?
Thank you for your faithfulness! If you give on a monthly or biweekly basis, please adjust your giving schedule to participate in this church offering for this one Sunday. Or, if you are feeling God is nudging you to continue to grow as a grateful and generous giver, try giving over and above your regular scheduled giving.

What if I do not feel I am able to participate in “Try Tithing Sunday,” or tithe?
God calls us to give what we can, not what we can’t. The Bible reminds us that God loves a cheerful giver. If you are unemployed, underemployed, in school, under the financial care of someone else, then there may be no income to tithe. God’s challenge in the Scripture is for each Christian to become a generous giver by giving our first and our best to Him. Therefore, tithing becomes less an issue of the wallet, and more an issue of faith and trust. Maybe God is calling you to give more of your time in service, through the church or in the community?