Christus Victor
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Apple Valley, MN

Opening Our Arms Wider Campaign

The Opening Our Arms Wider campaign seeks to secure funds to better meet our ministry needs and serve our community by making Christus Victor a more welcoming environment, refresh our entire facility, and strengthen our church identity.  We invite you to join us in prayerfully considering how God might be calling you to support this campaign to ensure that the mission of Christus Victor of changing lives with Faith, Love, and Open Arms continues for the next 50 years and beyond.



Members of the Property Committee are:

Rick Buffie – (651) 344-8900 –

Ed Odden –

Dan Corrigan –

Rich Jorgensen –

Bud Williams –


Progress continues!

At the congregational meeting, members approved a motion (by a 109-3 vote) authorizing the Church Council and campaign teams to proceed with construction as planned. Members also approved a resolution (by a 108-4 vote) enabling the Council to secure a project financing loan from Thrivent Financial.

These votes mean several things:

–Construction will begin soon – possibly even this week! Work will begin as soon as crews are mobilized, coordination takes place, etc. We will start noticing changes and progress in short order.

–The construction timeline is about 10 months, so we can expect work to be complete by Summer 2020. In the interim, we WILL be able to continue to use our facility. Certain areas may be off-limits at times, but plans are in place to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

–Jay Johnston has graciously agreed to volunteer as our Owner’s Representative – our primary liaison to our contractors as they proceed and the point person for our congregation on all things project-related. He/we will be sure to pass along important information along the way.

–A second capital campaign will take place once the current one ends. As previously explained, this campaign will have two purposes: to eliminate the construction debt, and to establish a capital fund for ongoing building needs. That does not mean, however, that our first capital campaign hasn’t served us well. Our total commitments and pledges have continued to rise, and we now expect to raise a total of about $1.17 million from the campaign. In addition, we have already received 56% of those commitments and pledges – a total of more than $670,000! This is fantastic progress, and our early giving will reduce the amount we’ll need to borrow and lower our interest expenses. Please continue to faithfully fulfill your pledges, and let us know of anything you need or questions you have in doing so.

–As construction proceeds, and as a new capital campaign takes shape, there will be MANY opportunities to volunteer and help with everything from building projects to ongoing planning. We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us however you’re able! Please contact Jay Johnston, Ed Odden or a member of the Core Team if interested.

We give thanks to God for the wonderful leaders who have been working hard and will continue to be working hard on this project. We give thanks to God for the faithful giving, support and prayers of the members of Christus Victor to make this project possible. And we ask God’s continued guidance, blessing and faithfulness as we enter into the building phase of our project.

This is a significant milestone in the life and ministry of Christus Victor, and we look forward to celebrating with you in our new spaces next year! In the meantime, please continue to reach out with any comments, feedback and questions you may have.

The Core Team

CORE TEAM MEMBERS: Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud, Brenda Fischer, Claudia Glinski, John Perendy, Jennie Rice, Jason Sprenger, Alana Thureen

As we continue through the Capital Campaign and Building Improvements/ Addition process, please continue fulfilling your pledge.  Below are payment options:

Offering Envelopes

The new envelopes have two lines: 1) General Fund and 2) Capital Campaign. Please indicate the amount for each on the envelope. It will be helpful for our volunteer counters if separate checks are used for the General Fund and Capital Campaign contributions. If a single check is used for both, please indicate the amount for each – General Fund and Capital Campaign – on the memo line of the check. If you would like offering envelopes but did not receive them, please contact the CV office.

Simply Giving (Electronic Deduction)

Complete and sign an Authorization Form and attach a voided check to the form. Return the completed form to the CV office for processing.

Other Electronic Giving (Electronic Bill Pay)

If you already use electronic giving to fulfill your General Fund pledge, you will need to set up an additional payment for your Capital Campaign giving.  Please be sure you indicate in the notes/memo that the contribution is for the Capital Campaign.

If you would like to begin using electronic giving, please work with your bank to set up this recurring payment and make sure the memo/note designates General Fund or Capital Campaign.  This will result in a check being issued from your bank and mailed to the church.

Gifts of Stock or Other Assets

If you plan on fulfilling your Capital Campaign pledge through a gift of stock, please read below.

First, initiate a gift of shares by completing a Charitable Donation Form obtained from (& submitted back to) your broker / financial institution.  Information needed to complete the form regarding the CV brokerage account at Thrivent is as follows:
Receiving Firm Name: National Financial Services
Receiving Firm DTC #: 0226
Beneficiary Account Number: TY9134447
Beneficiary Name: Christus Victor Lutheran Church

Then, alert Deanna Luke in the Christus Victor office when a gift is being transferred, as stocks arrive in our account without identification and we want to make a timely sale of the donated shares. Include your name, mailing address and name/number of shares being gifted for tax receipt and purpose of gift, including if it is a payment on a pledge.

Donations from your IRA – For gifts from your IRA, please do not send us shares from your IRA, but instead, request a cash distribution to be sent to Christus Victor.


Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

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