Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

Apple Valley, MN

Thanks to everyone who responded to the New Day Planning Team survey. Your responses helped to shape the planning and recommendations to the Church Council.
The responses to two questions stood out:

  • Regarding “which best describes your attitude toward returning to a worship service,” out of 113 responses – 15 replied they would come back at the first chance; 31 replied they would come back with precautions; 32 replied they would wait several weeks; 25 replied they would wait quite a while; 10 replied they were not sure.
  • Regarding “as local government lifts restrictions on worship and ministry, which would you prefer for our church,” out of 111 responses – 25 replied they would come back with precautions; 19 would like small groups meeting outdoors; 53 to continue online worship; 7 not sure; 7 had a variety of other ideas.

In summary, the survey responses reflect a desire on behalf of the congregation to take a conservative approach toward reopening our building and shifting back to in-person worship and ministries.

While we were waiting for your surveys, members of the New Day Planning Team measured and divided the sanctuary so people/family groupings can sit the recommended 6 feet apart, and came up with space for up to 47 people. With limited space in the sanctuary, worshippers would need to reserve a space in advance, check-in at the front door, wear a mask, and stay seated in their assigned pew. There would be no singing, except for the limited musicians up front. Cleaning and sanitizing protocols would be followed both before and after the shortened worship service. There would be no fellowship, coffee, or food. Worshippers would need to leave the building immediately following the service.

With these considerations, along with the time and energy demands on our staff and lay leaders who would also need to continue organizing and preparing our online worship services and ministries, the Church Council unanimously approved the New Day Planning Team’s recommendation that we hold off opening the church building for worship and other ministries until at least the end of August, while we continue to be the church together in ever changing and unique ways. In August, we will review the situation and reassess our options. This is a rapidly changing situation, with churches around the country that had previously opened closing again due to covid-19 outbreaks. Prior to reviewing the situation at the end of August, a second survey will be sent out to help with planning for the fall.

This is not the recommendation that some of us were hoping for, but we believe, after reviewing all of the considerations, it is the most prudent decision at this time. Thank you for your continued participation in and sharing of our online worship and ministries with your family and friends. Thank you for your feedback, your prayers, your patience, your continued support and faithful giving. We know with Christ Jesus at the center of our community, we will be strengthened in faith and mutual love through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Your CV Church Council:
Karl Dobberman, Aaron Nyquist, David McMayer, Kristin Schulz, Mike Orman, Dawn Glewwe, Ron Hansen, Karri Holman, Karin Ilg, Jody McDermott-Baty, Lori Olson, Sarah Thomson, Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud


Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

7510 Palomino Drive
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