Children & Family

We practice Faith Formation for ALL ministry at CVLC. On Sundays and Wednesday we provide opportunities for parents, kids, babies, grandparents, and everyone else to join in sharing their faith, making faith projects, praying and blessing each other. This looks different from traditional Sunday School. Our goal is to help families practice their faith at home, but giving them the tools to do so at Church. Join us Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights to see Faith Formation for ALL in action.


We work with our youth to make them leaders in our faith community. Starting with Confirmation on Wednesday nights and Faith Formation for ALL on Sunday mornings our 6-8th graders grow in affirming their faith. 9th-12th graders have Faith Formation for ALL on Sunday morning and Youth Group Wednesday nights. These groups give youth an opportunity to support each other by sharing and praying about their highs and lows. We also have a different high schooler lead youth group each week on a different topic. Our youth are involved in every level at our church and help out with worship, leading confirmation, mentoring peers and children, mission trips, etc.

Social Ministries

We serve Christ in our immediate community in partnership with area non-profits, including 360 Communities, Feed My Starving Children, Armful of Love, Thanksgiving Baskets, Red Cross Bloodmobile, Greenleaf Kindness Connection (outreach to local elementary school), and wherever we are called to help.

International Missions

Serving Christ around the world through international missions in Tanzania and the Dominican Republic.

Adult Education

An important part of discipleship is learning the word of God. Adult education begins with confirmation and is a life-long journey. We have a Bible study every Thursday at 10:00 am the the Apple Valley Villa Apartments. A number of small-group bible studies also meet throughout the month.


Christus Victor has 3 choirs:

  • SENIOR CHOIR (adult choir, great variety of music) – Rehearsal is at 8:00pm on Wednesdays; sing at Traditional Sunday Worship Services
  • JOYFUL NOISE (high school and adult contemporary choir) – Rehearsal is at 8:30am on Sundays; sing at Contemporary Sunday Worship Services
  • GLOW (2nd – 5th grade group) – Part of children’s ministry on Wednesday nights, sing on scheduled Wednesday or Sunday Worship Services.

In addition, several opportunities for musicians to accompany choirs and/or add to the music to the worship services.

Racial Justice

“We serve Christ and our community by creating opportunities for growth, creating an environment of welcome for all God’s people, and collaborating with other local congregations to live and love more fully as members of the body of Christ. We will seek first the kingdom of God to understand, challenge and transform systems that uphold and perpetuate racism. It is our calling and responsibility as Christians to love with our words and actions. Doing this work is our duty as people of God.”