Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

Apple Valley, MN

The next time you are in the sanctuary, take a look to the right near the Baptismal Font and you will see our new Prayer Table.   It is a blessed addition to our church, complete with a beautiful metal sculpture depicting the Last Supper.  The sculpture, expertly created by Jacob Rylander, stands as a testament to Christ’s sacrifice for us all.

Please take advantage of using the Prayer Table at any time.  In the drawer you will find prayer cards, that you can fill out requesting your, or a loved one’s prayer needs.  Slip the completed card into the Prayer Box and your request will be prayed for.

Also, in the drawer are prayer pockets, lovingly made by members of the prayer shawl group.  These are meant to be taken so you can carry a tangible reminder that your prayer request is in the hands of your pastors and your brothers and sisters in the church community.

Please note that after many church services there will be a prayer partner standing by the Prayer Table to personal pray with you.  Feel free to come forward at that time.

The first Sunday of every month the congregation will be invited to meet at the Prayer Table after both services and as a group pray for the successful advancement of our “Opening Our Arms Wider” campaign.  The prayers will be led by members of the campaign’s prayer committee.

See you at the Table!


Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

7510 Palomino Drive
Apple Valley, MN 55124