#Godstime……. And that is was!  The team has returned safely and feeling very blessed with many great stories and memories.  We look forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, you can find pictures and postings made during the trip on Facebook, and here is a small peek:

Hi, Brian here. I helped doing vision screening for the kids in the school that is on site here at the Kids Alive Campus here in Constanza. Later today we also tested a few of the teachers. There were a few that had bad vision. It was good to see we are really making a difference here.  My favorite part of the week is when we help out in the English speaking class. The class this time was a few guys from the baseball ministry that our host Fred has been doing for several years. I was paired up with a really smart young man named Brian. He has been learning English for about 6 months. I was very impressed with him. We were reading verses from the Bible, and he was really good. I would read first, then he would repeat it word for word. I corrected him on several words, but I only had to do it a few times for the words he had trouble with. Then I had him read all 5 verses in a row. I think he did that 5 times in a row with no mistakes. Fred and his wife are doing so much ministry I don’t see where they have much time for themselves and family. It makes me feel a little selfish with all the extra time that I waste.

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Watch for details coming soon about a team presentation at CV…

Four members from Christus Victor – Jody McDermott-Baty, Brian Baty, Deanna Luke, Angel Tatum, Barb Damlo and four members from First Free Church – Mark Poston, Cheryl Vatsaas, Maureen Juarez and Felix Juarez are joining together to form this year’s team.

Please pray for our trip that we exhibit the love of Jesus Christ to all who we encounter.