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In a happy coincidence of the liturgical calendar, this year Easter Sunday is immediately followed by Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd!  The juxtaposition of these two dates provides a fabulous opportunity to reflect on how the resurrection informs and continues to inspire our role living with and caring for God’s creation.  The Easter story represents many critical aspects of our faith, but two of those lessons are

(1) Jesus’ selfless sacrifice of his own life for a cause greater than himself (namely, the whole planet and those who live on it), and;

(2) the victory over sin, brokenness, death, etc. by the resurrection.  Sweet!

Jesus went through this unpleasant yet ultimately triumphant experience not only for the benefit of his immediate peers, but also for future generations.  It leads us on Earth Day 2019 to ask,

(1) how will our interactions with the planet impact those who will follow in our footsteps, and

(2) what sacrifices should we make to ensure those future generations enjoy the resources and wonders that we do?

Perhaps you could elect to purchase local produce or opt for renewable energy with your electrical utility.  You could commit to one day of wholly plant-based meals a week, or volunteer with a conservation group.  Small sacrifices, but they add up to change how we think about our connection to, and responsibility for, the natural world on a more holistic basis.

Celebrating Easter and Earth Day on consecutive days asks us to examine how Jesus’ resurrection informs our continuing relationship with the Earth.  No matter our sin, brokenness, or apathy in the past, we’re now empowered and free to actualize a better and more environmentally conscious future.  If you’re interested in hearing more, come join us!


  • Climate Change in Our Own Backyard – Please join us and Interfaith Creation Care South Metro for what undoubtedly will be a fascinating presentation by Dr. Mark Seely, University of Minnesota meteorologist and climatologist. Seely will be discussing the recent U.S. National Climate Assessment and its impact on the Midwest region.  The presentation will be held at 2:30 on May 19th at St. Thomas Becket Church in Eagan.
  • Summer Hiking – is just around the corner! Lace up your boots and stay tuned for opportunities to join the Green Team for hiking in Lebanon Hills Regional Park and other locations around the Twin Cities!


Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

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