CHILDREN & FAMILY – A Message from Pastor Steve

Alright, here it goes. I try to pull too many teeth, but I need some help with children’s ministry at Christus Victor. This is going to sound weird, but you don’t need to like or know anything about kids to do this. If you do like children, that is a bonus but not a prerequisite.

The Children and Family Committee is looking for volunteers that can join us once a month. Our committee gives structure and funding to Faith Trek, GIFT, VBS, and all things that help the kids of our church grow in faith and service. These programs directly affect the life, faith and vitality of our congregation.

There are no age or gender requirements. You do not have to have or own children to join. We are looking for a variety of viewpoints as our focus touches all members of the congregation. If you are a teen who has ideas after experiencing our program first hand, if you are a retiree who is looking for a way to serve the church, if you are a parent who wants to help sculpt their kids’ faith education, if you are interested but have a busy schedule…. we want to hear from you.

If committee work sounds boring and you do happen to like children, I would also encourage you to help out in the nursery. Kristi Manning is doing a great job, but she needs adult volunteer support.

Thanks for listening to my plea for volunteers. I love that we are a small church without a giant children’s ministry department. Because of our size we are able to do some amazing, personal, intergenerational ministry. But we also need volunteers to keep this awesome ministry going.