Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

Apple Valley, MN


We are blessed and excited to occupy our new space and look forward to filling it with furniture.  Selections have been made to serve a variety of venues with an eye for versatility, durability, portability and attractiveness.

You are invited to help furnish the space by choosing a specific item, a group of items or by making a donation of any amount you wish.  The items include 60″ Round Tables, Chairs for the Round Tables, Bistro Tables, Café Tables, and Café Chairs.  Donations are needed by March 15th!


LAST WEEK, workers kept moving forward on the last of the work around the church. All of the carpet that was on-site was installed, but it wasn’t quite enough to finish the entire church. The rest will be installed as soon as it arrives. Vinyl flooring was put in around the serving counter in the new gathering space. Work in the south bathrooms continued, and exterior caulking was finished.

THIS WEEK, final projects will continue ahead. The carpet will be installed when it arrives. Our plumber should finish his work in the south bathrooms, and the last plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler and other inspections should take place. Other touch-up items will be completed as well. Within 1-2 weeks, the interior part of the construction project should be complete; a crew will tackle outside excavation and our sidewalk as soon as spring road weight restrictions are lifted.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, support and caution in and around the church. We are close to an on-schedule project completion!


After months of planning, forums, votes and your faithful giving, the construction project started this summer. We are three months along and are right on schedule toward a spring 2020 completion. According to Vanman, “a lot of the hard part is over with.”

Significant progress has been made on our new lobby space. Structural steel is 90% complete, with a few weeks of work remaining on steel studs and sheathing. After this, crews will begin work on the roof, and then HVAC, plumbing, electrical rough-ins, drywall, paint, cabinet and flooring installation will follow. Crews also will complete exterior insulation finishing if the weather doesn’t get too cold.

In November, we will need to reassemble the church offices, move items out of the education wing into storage and do some more prep to facilitate additional work inside the church. We would welcome and sincerely appreciate your help with these tasks. If you’re interested in volunteering, see Ed Odden for details on timing.

On the financial side of the campaign, we have made tremendous progress in a short time. Thanks to your faithful giving, we have received 70 percent of our total pledged amount for the campaign! This is truly great news, and we are so appreciative of your faithfulness! Your latest giving statement includes information on your personal campaign pledge as well as the general fund.

In our June Congregational meeting, we approved a loan commitment from Thrivent Financial at a sum of up to $800,000. We structured this so that we are not required to withdraw the full amount – we’ll just take what we need to pay our bills, like we would from a line of credit. Up to now we have paid project expenses from campaign funds received, and we expect we’ll need to begin withdrawing money from Thrivent in December 2019. Given our latest information on both the building project and our total campaign receipts, we anticipate borrowing significantly less than the total loan amount.

A hearty thank you to Jay Johnston, who has dedicated so much time and energy to ensure the project moves forward as planned. We also appreciate your continued faithful giving, volunteerism with building projects and everything else you’re doing during this exciting time for our congregation.

If you have questions, please contact Jay Johnston, the Core Team or a member of the Property Committee.  We will continue to provide weekly updates on the project.


Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

7510 Palomino Drive
Apple Valley, MN 55124