Armful of Love

360 Communities has made significant changes to Armful of Love Program this year to enable continuation of the program while keeping families, sponsors, and volunteers healthy as we continue to reach out with open arms during this pandemic. In lieu of asking gift sponsors to shop for presents to fill families’ gift wishes, they are asking for donations of gift cards (with receipts). This change will eliminate multiple points of possible exposure for all individuals involved with the program, and still deliver support to families.



By limiting gift cards to these stores, it will allow families to shop on-line and have gifts delivered to their homes if they wish to avoid stores or do not have transportation. Using gift cards also enables parents to shop for their own families, adding dignity and choice to their holiday season.

Will many of us miss shopping for a specific gift, wrapping it, placing it under the tree in the sanctuary, and having the pastor bless them? Yes, we will! But we are thankful for the ability to continue to reach out in our communities, especially this year when so many are hurt financially by the impact of COVID.

Looking back on previous years Christus Victor has provided between 125-150 gifts. Let’s see how many gift cards we can donate this year!

Here’s how the program will work:

  • You can either use SignUpGenius and indicate the number and type of gift cards you would like to donate – SIGNUP HERE  or contact Michele Iaria 612-209-4354 with that information.
  • Purchase gift card(s) at the retailer of your choice.
  • Place gift card(s) and activation receipt(s) in a sealed envelope. On outside of envelope, write your name and the gift card(s) purchased.
  • Deliver gift card(s) to the church office NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22ND. Since gift cards are like cash, please do not mail them.

Staff office hours have changed; call the office. at 953-454-6927 to make sure someone will be there.

The deadline is very early this year allowing 360 Communities staff and volunteers time to assemble and distribute the gift cards to the families.

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Iaria 612-209-4354 or or any member of the Social Ministries Committee

Thank you for your continued support for this program and helping make the  upcoming Christmas season a little brighter for others