Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

Apple Valley, MN

Stewardship is about our whole life, not just money and our offerings to church. God actually invites us into a way of life, where our faith is lived out in all aspects of our lives. This is what Biblical Stewardship is all about: a way of life.

   Throughout the month of October we will be focusing on the 6 Core Christian Values for Stewardship. We will also be hearing stories of how our financial stewardship and our stewardship of time and talent impacts the ministries and mission of the whole congregation and our neighbors near and far.

 6 Core Christian Values for the Stewardship of Life

  • Trust in God’s Abundance
  • The Bible and Tradition Gives Us Guidance
  • Stewardship Affects All Aspects of Life
  • Stewardship Expresses Our Interconnectedness
  • Christian Stewardship Engages Our Culture
  • Financial Health Is an Expression of Faith

Stay Tuned for more information about the upcoming Try tithing Sunday!!

Christus Victor
Lutheran Church

7510 Palomino Drive
Apple Valley, MN 55124