Welcome to the Church Health Team web page! We are glad you are here to learn more about the team and how you can help the congregation continue to grow in faith.

What is Natural Church Development (NCD)?

Natural Church Development is a process by which a congregation will evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in order to ensure the congregation is healthy and not simply numerical growth. The question this process hopes to answer is “How can this God-given growth potential be released
(www.ncd-international.org)? The process should encourage creativity,
authenticity and diversity. Through the process the congregation should be able to put the Bible and its concepts into the center of our everyday

According to the International Natural Church Development website, the “churches that have done three or more NCD Surveys have increased their average growth rate by 51% between the first and the third survey.”

The NCD Process

The NCD process consists of five steps and should be extended over a period of time. The steps are: Prepare, Diagnose, Plan, Implement and Evaluate. The diagnosis process includes the use of a survey that evaluates eight quality characteristics of the church: Empowering Leadership, Gift-based Ministry, Passionate Spirituality, Effective Structures, Inspiring Worship Service, Holistic Small Groups, Need-oriented Evangelism and Loving Relationships.


The Church Health Team is preparing to administer the next church health survey between services on Sunday, September 25.  They will be recruiting members from a cross-section of the congregation to help us measure where we have improved and grown over the past few years, and where we need to continue to improve the health of the ministry and mission of Christus Victor Lutheran.  If you are invited to take the survey, please agree to take some time to answer the questions.  Your feedback is vital to helping the whole congregation grow as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ!