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The Missions Committee is excited to announce that we will be sending Pastor Kent Clausen-Gubrud and Paula Nierengarten to Tanzania this summer to strengthen the relationship we have with our sisters and brothers of the Mlowa Parish in the Iringa, Diocese of Tanzania.

TZ Team 2015 PK & Paula

As they travel to Mlowa, “Bega Kwa Bega” (meaning “shoulder to shoulder” in Swahili), faith and relationships will be strengthened through prayer, worship and service. They will travel from August 18th to September 5th. We ask for your prayers as Pastor Kent and Paula journey to visit our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanzania. If you would like to have more information about the trip or how to provide prayer or financial support please contact Pastor Kent at the church office.


As Tanzanian young people head out to school the first time, whether it is to boarding school, vocational school, or college, they are expected to bring their own mattress for their dormitory room. Shoulder to Shoulder (STS), the medical group connected to Bega Kwa Bega, is hoping that the Ilula Nursing School will finally open its doors this year.

STS would like to welcome the first group of nursing students to school with a quilt for their bunk.

Kari Hurley, a member of the STS board, recently remembered on a previous trip to Iringa that upon touring a dormitory at a school, many of the students had nothing but a mattress on their beds; no pillow, no sheets, no coordinating comforter with a lovely matching bed skirt.

Would you be willing to coordinate/join a quilting group to make a quilt? Would you be willing to make a quilt on your own? Would you be willing to purchase a quilt?

 Approximate dimensions would need to be is 60 inches (5 feet) by 84 inches (7 feet). If it is a little shorter than 7 ft, not be a problem; the Hehe people tend to be a bit shorter than us.

STS would like to collect 55 to 60 quilts by the end of April.


Strudel Redefined!

Ruhland StrudelHand Crafted – You Bake – Freezer to Oven

Support the Mission Trip to Denver this summer. Strudel will be sold March 1 – March 15 with delivery to CV on March 29. New flavors!

Sweet – $15.00

Apple – Strawberry Rhubarb – Raspberry Almond Cream Cheese – Chocolate Banana Hazel – Fig Honey Goat Cheese

 Savory – $20.00

Roasted Vegie – Italian Stallion – 3 Cheeseburger – Mucho Burrito – Turkey Cranberry Swiss


News from Tanzania…

On January 6, 2015 Roger Blomquist, from St Paul and representing the St Paul Synod and Bega Kwa Bega, and representatives from the Institute of Agriculture in Iringa Tanzania visited Mlowa. Following are excerpts from the journal entries Roger made at the visit and passed on to us. The full journal entry can be found on the CV Missions bulletin board.


Jan.6 2015

It rained pretty hard during the night and was still raining this morning when we drove to Mlowa to deliver sesame seed and conduct training for the villagers about growing sesame. There was water in the ditches and we did a little slipping and sliding on the way.

We started oNewPastorut with tea in the pastor’s house. They have a new pastor at Mlowa. Pastor Godamu Mhosole was transferred to Mlowa from Itonya one month ago. His wife’s name is Vumilia and they have four children, the oldest a boy is in Form 3, the second a girl is in Std 7, third is a boy in Std 3, and the youngest a boy is in nursery school. They seem like a very nice couple and he was enthused about our visit. I was able to get he and his wife to pose for a picture after the meeting.


This is the planting time for sesame so the villagers were pleased that we were there to teach them. Sesame needs to be planted in wet soil, after the rains have started to that the seed can germinate.

Villagers were commenting on the amount of rain they received last night, but the pastor said this was little compared to Itonya. There are 11 preaching points in the Mlowa Parish. Most people in the main parish cultivate crops, while people in the preaching points are Maasai and keep cattle.

Don Fehr related the story of a farmer who grew sesame that first year and sold his crop for 15,000,000 tsh. Last year an evangelist grew sesame and made enough to purchase a power tiller.

There were about 15 people (5 male and 10 female) at the meeting. Farmers who live in Mlowa have their farms some distance away. The practice is to go to their farms on Monday and stay there all week returning on the weekend to see family and go to church. We have heard this description on previous visits to Mlowa.

After extending greetings from SPAS and Christus Victor, their companion congregation, Venance made the presentation, half of the people in attendance had grown sesame before. They appreciated the training, since they have had none previously. They used to scatter the seed behind the plow and didn’t use fertilizer. They see their challenges as education, which has been addressed today, and marketing which they will have to work on.

They wanted to especially thank Christus Victor for their support of scholarships and other projects. They are gathering letters from students who received the scholarships. When I told them I was going to communicate with Christus Victor about the meeting today they were very pleased.

Feed My Starving Children Mega Pack Feb. 9-14, 2015

IT IS TIME TO START SIGNING UP TO PACK MEALS AND START SAVING YOUR MONEY! Look for the sign-up sheets in the hallway, or talk to Jennie Rice to register your small group to pack meals together, or go to the website:

Last year over 10,000 volunteers, including over 140 people from Christus Victor, participated in the community-wide Mega-Pack event at Shepherd of the Lake, in Prior Lake! Together we packed over 3 Million meals!!!

This coming year we will again be participating in a community-wide packing blitz, the week of Feb. 9-14, 2015. Over 20 churches have joined together to begin the planning and preparation of this massive endeavor, and we want your help too! Please put the dates on your calendar, invite your family and friends, and start saving your money! Fill those M&M tubes and Pringles cans!!!

Here are the volunteers needed:


Special Teams Descriptions

Dates/Times Needed  



Contact Information

Trained Volunteers – Meal Packing Room

During the event, Trained Volunteers (TV) help supervise the meal packing floor. E.g., troubleshoot/answer questions at packing stations, work in the warehouse stocking ingredients & supplies, maintain the labeling area, etc. TV’s must be 18 years of age or older.

All TV’s must attend one of the following training sessions held at the FMSC Eagan site (990 Lone Oak Rd, Ste 136):

Tues., Jan. 20th, 6:30-8:00 pm, OR

Sat., Jan. 31st, 9:30-11:00 am

(Even if you received training for a prior event, you must attend one of the training sessions for this event.) Feel free to work more than 1 shift.

Every day, Feb. 9-14, all 18 shifts, varying times


6 per shift

(6 x 18 = 104!)

To sign up to be a Trained Volunteer & to register for the training, or for any questions, email Vanessa Edwards at
Hospitality: Parking Lot Attendants (PLA)

Primary responsibility is to provide friendly guidance to parking slots & to the event entrance. Orange vests & orange flags will be provided.

We would love to have different Church Partners adopt a shift for PLA’s. Feel free to adopt more than 1 shift! J

Each evening shift & all Sat shifts (11 shifts total) Start 30 minutes prior to packing shift. End when packing shift starts. 4 per shift

(4 x 11 = 44!)

To volunteer, or for questions, email Rick Newman at

Hospitality: Welcome Hosts (WH)

Provide a welcoming presence, greet volunteers as they arrive, help distribute hairnets & smiles. Help collect cash donations at the end of shifts.

We would love to have different Church Partners adopt a shift for WH’s.   Feel free to adopt more than 1 shift! J

Every day, Feb. 9-14, all shifts, varying times; Start 30 minutes prior to packing shift. End when packing shift starts. 6 per shift

(6 x 18 = 104!)

To volunteer, or for questions, email Sue Linden at

Hospitality: Food & Beverage
Set-Up Team

As many hands/muscles as possible are needed to help set up our space. E.g., tables, chairs, welcome center, coat racks, staging.

Families, Scout groups, individuals…all are welcome!

Sun., Feb. 8

1:00-4:00 pm

unlimited To indicate the number of volunteers from your church, or for questions, email Vanessa Edwards at
Clean-Up Team

As many hands/muscles as possible are needed to tear down after the event. E.g., tables, chairs, welcome center, coat racks, staging.

Families, Scout groups, individuals…all are welcome!

Sat. Feb. 14

7:30 – 10:30 pm

(or earlier if we get lots of help!)

unlimited To indicate the number of volunteers from your church, or for questions, email Vanessa Edwards at
Audio/Visual Team – To be determined.

If you are interested in being a team member to help make this amazing event happen, please contact Pastor Kent please contact Pastor Kent at (952) 454-6927 or



BasketsOn Sunday, February 22, 2015 we will hold our ninth Annual Baskets of Love, where we will celebrate our connections with our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania during both worship services and at 9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall with a silent auction.

We are asking the generous members and ministries teams of Christus Victor to volunteer to fill a basket with special stuff for auction. Please bring donated baskets to the church by Sunday, February 15. Click here to download a BOL Donation Form.

We are also inviting you to come and bid on these wonderfully creative baskets the following Sunday, February 22.

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, ask a member of the CV Mission Committee:

Lindsey Biedermann, Pastor Steve Biedermann, Diana Buffie, Barb Damlo, KC Claussen Gubrud, Jody McDermott-Baty, Paula Nierengarten, Carrie Peterson, Audrey Smith