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Your financial and prayerful support of education for the students of Mlowa continues to amaze us! God is working through your gifts and changing the lives of students and families living in Tanzania.

We reported last year that the government of Tanzania has opened a secondary school in Mlowa. Having a local school provides our partner families the choice to educate their children in a local secondary public school and to have their children live at home for their entire high school education. What a gift it is to have a choice of where and how your children should be educated.

Even with this new local school option, there is still great need for our educational dollars. The educational system of Tanzania and the Iringa diocese still need your support. Your donations will be used where the need is greatest:

  • Scholarship Equity Fund supports students from non-partnered congregations in the Iringa diocese. Not every community in the Iringa diocese is fortunate enough to have a government school in their neighborhood or a St. Paul Area Lutheran Church as a partner. A year of education costs a family $400.
  • Infrastructure Fund supports educational building projects like the science labs at secondary schools. Any amount can help build the infrastructure needed to educate kids in the Iringa Diocese.
  • Teacher Training Fund supports the professional development of educators at diocese’s secondary schools. Teachers need education too.
  • Boarding School Scholarships allow families the option of having their children educated in an Iringa Diocese school outside of Mlowa.

Please respond by November 6, 2017 using this Student Sponsorship Form 2017. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Mission Committee. Thank you for your past and continued generosity!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

The year will be the eleventh Annual Baskets of Love to celebrate our connections with our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania.  Both worship services will focus on Missions and at 9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall the silent auction will be held.  Proceeds from the silent auction will support the travelers of Christus Victor who will be traveling to Tanzania in the summer of 2019!

The generous members and ministry teams of Christus Victor are asked to fill a basket with special stuff for auction.  Please bring donated baskets to the church by Sunday, February 19.  EVERYONE is invited to come and bid on these wonderfully creative baskets on Sunday, February 26.

Thank you for your help!  If you have any questions, ask a member of the CV Missions Committee or contact KC Claussen Gubrud at 612-749-9195 or email



January 31, 2016

Please join us at the Tenth Annual Baskets of Love during both worship services and at 9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall with a silent auction

We are again asking the generous members and ministries teams of Christus Victor to volunteer to fill a basket with special stuff for the auction.  Please bring donated baskets to the church by Sunday January 24th.  AND we are also inviting you to come and bid on these wonderfully creative baskets on January 31st. Funds raised this year will help fund the upcoming 2016 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, please ask a member of the CV Mission Committee.

BOL Donation Form

The Right Decision – Dominican Republic 2016

You wake up on March 7th, 2016 and instead of snow, you hear birds singing and feel the warmth of the sunshine coming through the window. Then you hear motorcycles and loud music and you know you aren’t in Minnesota anymore. You get up and dress to the smell of breakfast cooking because it wasn’t your turn today and find one of your team members has made a scrumptious scrambled eggs and salsa dish. You eat breakfast and your host/interpreter/driver taking you to the Kid’s Alive campus, picks you up at the door and drives you and your team to the area. There you see hundreds of smiling faces that are excited to see you and you know you made the right decision.

The equipment gets pulled out that you will be working with that day and you spend your day sweating, and getting grimy or maybe covered in paint and laughing and sharing time with your team and knowing that you are making a difference. You stop at lunch and go to the cafeteria where the kids are eating and you sit and have lunch with them, knowing it may be the only hot meal they are getting that day. They are still happy and smiling and laughing like most children their age, even though they are living in a third world country and have very little. You see their smiling faces and know you made the right decision.

After working at the campus all day, the host/interpreter takes the team back to the team house where the shower feels good and a local woman has come to fix dinner for the team. The smells coming out of the kitchen are wonderful and you realize you have worked up quite an appetite. You eat supper with the team and after a devotion time, you spend the evening doing any number of activities from playing games with other team members, to catching up on your journal, to doing dishes if it’s your turn, to sitting outside on the balcony and watching the people of the D.R. walk by. You go to bed early because you know you will be getting up to do it all again tomorrow and you know you made the right decision.

Currently, we have 13 people that have expressed an interest in going on the Dominican Republic mission trip. There is still room for more and if you can see yourself in this story, you should think about going too. They have jobs for everyone. If you don’t think you can do construction, they will have you organizing in the storage area. If you don’t feel comfortable on ladders, they will find a job on the ground for you. For those of you who want to spend time with the kids, there will be that experience too. We will be starting our preparation meetings in mid-October and Brian and I are excited about leading another trip to Constanza, D.R. We want you to join us. If you have any questions or want more information, we would be happy to talk to you so we can help you make the right decision.


BackpacksMlowaOver the past few years we at Christus Victor have been sponsoring around 28 students to attend school in Tanzania. Many families have been faithful in continuing this year after year to ensure these students have continuing financial support to further their education.

Pastor Kent and Paula Nierengarten will be visiting these students on their trip to Mlowa in August. Please consider purchasing a backpack for the cost of $25.00. The money will be used to purchase supplies in Iringa to fill the backpacks and distribute them to our students.

In order to participate, please take an Orange “mini-pack” off the Missions Bulletin Board and deposit a check for $25.00 in the attached envelope, filling out your name and maybe a small note for the student. We will then ask you to have your picture taken. The student receiving the backpack with the supplies you purchased will receive a picture of you. A picture will also be taken of the student that receives your backpack and bring that back so you can see the face of the child that received your gift.

The school supplies are being purchased in Iringa to support their economy and to lighten the weight of suitcases being brought over. Any questions please contact Paula @ (651)343-3100 or Pastor Kent @ (952)454-6927


Pastor Peter HarritsPeter Harrits

Rev. Peter Harrits is the Director of Bega Kwa Bega, overseeing the overall work and partnership between the congregations of the St. Paul Area Synod and the Iringa Diocese. Pastor Peter will be preaching and after worship will be sharing insights and updates on the dynamic partnership that Christus Victor is also actively involved in.

We hope you will join us for worship and the education/fellowship following worship on Sunday, June 21! This will give us all a broader understanding of our partnership as we prepare to send Pastor Kent and Paula Nierengarten to Tanzania in August to strengthen our relationship with our friends of the Mlowa Parish and the Iringa Diocese.