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Feed My Starving Children Mega Pack Feb. 9-14, 2015

IT IS TIME TO START SIGNING UP TO PACK MEALS AND START SAVING YOUR MONEY! Look for the sign-up sheets in the hallway, or talk to Jennie Rice to register your small group to pack meals together, or go to the website:

Last year over 10,000 volunteers, including over 140 people from Christus Victor, participated in the community-wide Mega-Pack event at Shepherd of the Lake, in Prior Lake! Together we packed over 3 Million meals!!!

This coming year we will again be participating in a community-wide packing blitz, the week of Feb. 9-14, 2015. Over 20 churches have joined together to begin the planning and preparation of this massive endeavor, and we want your help too! Please put the dates on your calendar, invite your family and friends, and start saving your money! Fill those M&M tubes and Pringles cans!!!

Here are the volunteers needed:


Special Teams Descriptions

Dates/Times Needed  



Contact Information

Trained Volunteers – Meal Packing Room

During the event, Trained Volunteers (TV) help supervise the meal packing floor. E.g., troubleshoot/answer questions at packing stations, work in the warehouse stocking ingredients & supplies, maintain the labeling area, etc. TV’s must be 18 years of age or older.

All TV’s must attend one of the following training sessions held at the FMSC Eagan site (990 Lone Oak Rd, Ste 136):

Tues., Jan. 20th, 6:30-8:00 pm, OR

Sat., Jan. 31st, 9:30-11:00 am

(Even if you received training for a prior event, you must attend one of the training sessions for this event.) Feel free to work more than 1 shift.

Every day, Feb. 9-14, all 18 shifts, varying times


6 per shift

(6 x 18 = 104!)

To sign up to be a Trained Volunteer & to register for the training, or for any questions, email Vanessa Edwards at
Hospitality: Parking Lot Attendants (PLA)

Primary responsibility is to provide friendly guidance to parking slots & to the event entrance. Orange vests & orange flags will be provided.

We would love to have different Church Partners adopt a shift for PLA’s. Feel free to adopt more than 1 shift! J

Each evening shift & all Sat shifts (11 shifts total) Start 30 minutes prior to packing shift. End when packing shift starts. 4 per shift

(4 x 11 = 44!)

To volunteer, or for questions, email Rick Newman at

Hospitality: Welcome Hosts (WH)

Provide a welcoming presence, greet volunteers as they arrive, help distribute hairnets & smiles. Help collect cash donations at the end of shifts.

We would love to have different Church Partners adopt a shift for WH’s.   Feel free to adopt more than 1 shift! J

Every day, Feb. 9-14, all shifts, varying times; Start 30 minutes prior to packing shift. End when packing shift starts. 6 per shift

(6 x 18 = 104!)

To volunteer, or for questions, email Sue Linden at

Hospitality: Food & Beverage
Set-Up Team

As many hands/muscles as possible are needed to help set up our space. E.g., tables, chairs, welcome center, coat racks, staging.

Families, Scout groups, individuals…all are welcome!

Sun., Feb. 8

1:00-4:00 pm

unlimited To indicate the number of volunteers from your church, or for questions, email Vanessa Edwards at
Clean-Up Team

As many hands/muscles as possible are needed to tear down after the event. E.g., tables, chairs, welcome center, coat racks, staging.

Families, Scout groups, individuals…all are welcome!

Sat. Feb. 14

7:30 – 10:30 pm

(or earlier if we get lots of help!)

unlimited To indicate the number of volunteers from your church, or for questions, email Vanessa Edwards at
Audio/Visual Team – To be determined.

If you are interested in being a team member to help make this amazing event happen, please contact Pastor Kent please contact Pastor Kent at (952) 454-6927 or



What’s new with CV youth this time of year? Lots!

We have a wonderful active program for kids of all ages. We just finished our children’s Christmas play, “Christmas at a Bus Stop.” I’d like to thank all the adults and kids that helped make this play both fun and meaningful. I have talked to volunteers, actors, singers and congregation and everyone seems to be positively impacted by the play. We have a great young kid’s program at CV, but we still need Faith Trek Sunday School teachers to make it work. There are still openings for teachers this spring. We only need your commitment for a few weeks at a time. We have a great time of leaders to help you teach, the kids are lots of fun and there is a pretty high likelihood you will have fun and grow in your faith too.

Our confirmation program has just finished a section on the 10 commandments. This January we will talk about Baptism. SWAG our Wednesday night high school group has been working through the highs and lows of the Psalms. On Sunday mornings high school Connections has been writing prayer petitions for prayers of the people based on the narrative lectionary. See if you can guess which prayer petition the high schoolers write each week! The High Schoolers are also looking forward to a lock-in this January.

YouthWorksYou should also know that we are planning on doing a mission trip to Denver this summer. If this is something you or your kids might be interested in, please join us for an information meeting on January 18th after church. We are going to Denver to worship and serve alongside other churches that are dealing with the increasing problem of homelessness.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for calling me to be your pastor. Thank you for being a part of the CV family. I hope you all are able to experience the joy of Christ in your lives. See you at worship sometime soon.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve

CHILDREN & FAMILY – A Message from Pastor Steve

Alright, here it goes. I try to pull too many teeth, but I need some help with children’s ministry at Christus Victor. This is going to sound weird, but you don’t need to like or know anything about kids to do this. If you do like children, that is a bonus but not a prerequisite.

The Children and Family Committee is looking for volunteers that can join us once a month. Our committee gives structure and funding to Faith Trek, GIFT, VBS, and all things that help the kids of our church grow in faith and service. These programs directly affect the life, faith and vitality of our congregation.

There are no age or gender requirements. You do not have to have or own children to join. We are looking for a variety of viewpoints as our focus touches all members of the congregation. If you are a teen who has ideas after experiencing our program first hand, if you are a retiree who is looking for a way to serve the church, if you are a parent who wants to help sculpt their kids’ faith education, if you are interested but have a busy schedule…. we want to hear from you.

If committee work sounds boring and you do happen to like children, I would also encourage you to help out in the nursery. Kristi Manning is doing a great job, but she needs adult volunteer support.

Thanks for listening to my plea for volunteers. I love that we are a small church without a giant children’s ministry department. Because of our size we are able to do some amazing, personal, intergenerational ministry. But we also need volunteers to keep this awesome ministry going.


Greenleaf Elementary in Apple Valley is seeking mentors for their 3rd through 5th grade Homework Help program.   Volunteers are needed beginning November 10 on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 – 4:45 pm.

You can volunteer on one or both days.  Mentors are paired with a student and meet at the school from November – May.  Greenleaf is a large K-5 school with a diverse population.  Homework Help aims to provide extra academic support to students in need.  The only requirement is a desire to help and encourage the youth of our community.  Training is provided.  This is a great opportunity for high school students and adults who have time in the afternoons to volunteer!  If interested please contact Kristi Roddy ( at Greenleaf  Elementary or Cindy Baubie (


Here is a brief update about what is going on with children and youth this fall. We will be starting confirmation on Wednesday September 10th. This night is required for all confirmation parents as we register and set up the year. We will be learning about the 10 commandments and the sacraments in confirmation this year. Faith Trek Sunday School will be starting Sept 7th along with rally Sunday. We will also be starting our high school ministries SWAG (Wednesday night) and Connections (Sunday morning) that same week.

I should also officially welcome a new staff member. Kristi Manning has graciously agreed to help us out in the nursery this coming year. If anyone is interested in helping her out in the nursery I would love to hear from you.

On a personal note I am so excited to begin the program year with your kids. I can’t wait to get back into the rhythms of school, church and family activities. Please keep me posted about all the fun things your kids are doing. I am also looking forward to working with all the awesome parents and lay leaders that bring this church to life.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve

WAPO Reflections

Learning to BE THE LIGHT!

It should go without saying, but just in case you didn’t know, church camp at WAPO is awesome!  Being at camp is an amazing mix of faith, fun, and friendship.  Camp is a place where it is totally normal to talk about your faith in Jesus, sing songs at the top of your lungs, pray out loud with your friends, and play nutty games like Mighty-Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge,

9 Square, and Ga-Ga  Ball.  A week at camp is filled with music, Bible study, learning about living as a Christian in the world, especially at school with our friends and classmates, many of whom don’t go to church and don’t believe in God.


Camp, like church, is not a perfect place, with perfect people.  But it is a GRACE PLACE where we learn to be the light of Christ, which means forgiving and being forgiven.  WAPO is a place to practice BEING THE LIGHT of Christ in the world.  It is a time and place to be close to God, to get energized in our faith, to build strong

friendships, and to grow as disciples.  Thanks for your support of Camp WAPO!  You are making an eternal impact on the lives of our kids!