Hidden Treasures Garage Sale LogoAHOY! Information you should know!

Early Bird Special – Pay $3/family and shop from 9am to 10am before the official opening on Friday.

Volunteers – Volunteers who have worked two hours or more are invited to shop Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm.

Silent Auction – A Silent Auction featuring unique items will operate from Friday at 9am until Sunday morning at 11am.

When Can I Drop Off My Items?
Clothing and Small Items: July 31 – August 2 (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday) from 10:30am to 9pm and August 3 (Wednesday) from 10:30am to 12 noon.

Furniture and Large Items: August 4 (Thursday) from 8am to 6pm. Limited pick-up service is available.

**If you can’t deliver your large donations, please call the church at 952-454-6927 by Monday, August 1 to make arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we begin pricing items on Thursday, August 4, we cannot accept clothing or small items after Wednesday, August 3 at 12 noon. Please do not leave items after this deadline. Garage Sale volunteers reserve the right to refuse any donation for any reason. Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

What Kind of CLEAN & USABLE & UNTAGGED Items Should I Donate?
Antiques, Baskets, Books, Collectables, Electronics, Furniture, Housewares, Jewelry, Linens, Office Equipment, Seasonal, Sporting Goods, Tools, Toys, Children’s Clothing (dresses, two- piece outfits, winter-wear on hangers) and Adult Clothing (suits, dresses, shirts, slacks and coats on hangers.) We do not accept Christmas trees, cribs, computer monitors, curtain rods, exercise equipment, infant seats, mattresses, microwaves, organs, paint, televisions without digital converter boxes, skis or water beds.

How Can I Help?
* Donate items to sell. Ask your family and friends to contribute too!
* Advertise! Promote! Share!
* Volunteer before, during and after the sale. Pirate workers come in all shapes, sizes with special treasure maps! Sign up NOW right here!


Incredible, Faithful, Invincible, Unconditional and REAL!!

Nope – We’re not talking about Superman vs. Batman – We’re talking about the LOVE OF GOD!!! This year VBS at CV will go back in Time with Bible Blast to the Past: Discover God’s Everlasting Love. We will explore God’s everlasting love and why it’s important to serve God by loving others.

VBS will be July 17-21 for ages 3 to incoming 5th grade

Registration will be every Sunday in May (except Memorial Day)

VBS Bible Blast Past Logo

Download the Registration forms:   2016 VBS Forms

Volunteers are needed – Being a VBS Volunteer means that: Together we can make a difference in our kids lives, help support our faith community, learn something new, network with each other, and meet new people.   Sign up TODAY!



The God Squad Softball team is gearing up for their 5th season of summer softball representing Christus Victor. The softball team is being led by the only manager in team history Matt Zarras once again.  We caught up to Matt at spring training and he sat down for a quick interview to answer some of the pressing questions God Squad fans have wanted to know.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

After a long winter away the things I am most looking forward to is seeing all the smiling fans in the stands who come out week in and week out to cheer on the team.  I’m super excited that we are returning nearly the entire roster from last season which now has another year of experience under their belts.

How do you get over the retirement of pitcher Denny Kneller?  Is someone ready to set up and take the mound full time this season?

Losing Denny was a major blow for sure but as most fans have seen I took the mound quite regularly last season and I plan on it again this year.  Peter Jorgenson has shown the ability to throw a good curve when needed and he will be relied upon this season as well.  We also have Aaron Hermanson who started for the team 2 years ago before moving to the outfield and if needed he can be called on in emergency relief once again.

What new players were signed for this season?

We signed 2 new players in the off-season.  The first one was Matt Neudecker, we then added Lance Mortenson right before spring training.  Those two players are going to be used in utility roles to start the season as we blend them into the lineup.

What exactly does a church softball team do in terms of representing the church? 

The whole reason we started a church softball team was I wanted something for the members of our church to partake in away from church that was “different”.  Some people enjoy bible study, some enjoy community projects, our group plays softball while representing our church.  My goal is to show people that church doesn’t happen only in a building on Sunday mornings. It can be a bunch of guys playing softball.  We have earned the respect of a lot of people in the softball league as the time has passed.  Teams always remark how they enjoy playing us and what we represent.  We also always play the church only softball tournament Memorial Day weekend.

Where can we see the team in action?

The team plays Sunday evenings starting April 24th, the schedule is below.  All games are at Johnny Cake Softball Fields in Apple Valley off of 140thst.


May 1st 7:30pm and 8:30pm Field I and E

May 8th 5:30pm and 6:30pm Field G

May 15th 6:30pm and 7:30pm Field I and G

May 22nd 5:30pm and 6:30pm Field I and F

June 5th 7:30pm and 8:30pm Field I


Come out and enjoy a wonderful evening and cheer on the team!