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Worship with the Christmas Band

December 21 – both services 8:30am & 11:00am

Christmas Eve Worships

December 24 Candlelight Services at 5:30pm and 10:00pm

Sunday, December 28

One Service at 9:30am

“Vision and Expectation for Church Disciples/Members” – An Invite from Pastor Kent…

How do these disciplines and practices help us prepare for Christ coming into our lives and into the world? How does practicing our faith help us to be aware of Christ’s presence in the lives of our neighbors? How does living by faith every day help Christ come into the lives of other people through us?

I invite you to read through these statements and share your thoughts on these questions. Please email me at or post your thoughts on our CV Facebook page under the heading “Vision and Expectations.” I’d like to get us all talking about what does it mean to be disciples of Jesus Christ, together in this place.

OUR VALUES ~ what we believe

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God for our faith and life.
  • The Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are the means of God’s grace for us, instituted by Christ’s command and promise.
  • We are Lutheran in our theology and practice:
  • We are made right with God (justified) by grace (the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) received by faith in Christ.
  • We are saints and sinners at the same time.
  • Grace alone. Word alone. Faith alone.
    • We are called to:
      • Love God with all that we are and all that we have.
        • Follow Jesus as our Lord, Savior, and Friend.
      • Love our neighbors as Christ loved us.
        • Live with integrity according to biblical principles
        • Reach outside our four walls, living out Christ’s love in welcome, compassion, and service to all people
        • Practice biblical hospitality, meeting the real life needs of others
        • Grow in faith and encourage each other in living lives of faith
        • Use our God given gifts as participants in the ministry of the church
        • Carefully use personal and congregational resources entrusted to the church
      • Success is people growing in faith, doing ministry, teamwork with accountability, leaders who develop other leaders, and faithfulness to our mission.

OUR MISSION ~ what we do


OUR VISION ~ what we are becoming

  • We are people working toward putting Christ first in our life.


Through these practices, disciplines, habits, and ways of life, we will grow in our faith, love, trust, and obedience to God and love of our neighbors.

  • Regular worship – to receive the Word and Sacraments
  • An active prayer life
  • Regular learning of scripture and faith practices in an active pursuit of a life of Christian discipleship
  • Regular service to the community – through the church and other organizations
  • Regular service in the church – Joyful Servants, Committees, and Ministries
  • Sharing our faith through word and deed, to make disciples

Commitment to “first fruits” and proportionate giving, starting where we are at and growing to give 10% and beyond.

JOYFUL SERVANTS – Who are they?

We all are as we provide service to our Lord through preparation and involvement in the weekly worship services.


Assist during the service – anyone any age can be an Acolyte.

Coffee Preparation and Clean Up

DETAILED instructions in the kitchen provided. Great way for Groups to do fundraising during the fellowship hour – you provide the treats, do the setup/cleanup and earn the collected funds.

Communion Assistants

What better feeling could there be than to look in the eyes of fellow CV family members and offer them the Body (“The Body of Christ given for you.”) and Blood (“The Blood of Christ shed for you.”) of Jesus Christ.

Communion & Sanctuary Prep & Cleanup

Here is a great family activity! Set up for each Sunday is usually done Saturday, and includes setting up Communion, replacing eternal candle and straightening and replenishing supplies in the pew racks (usually takes 1-2 hours for one person – LESS TIME for more than one).


Welcome visitors, help fellow members, or simply answer questions – be the first smiling face seen!


Reading the lessons during the service.

Nursery Assistant

The Nursery is coordinated by a paid-staff attendant but at least one assistant is needed. A CV background check is required for anyone helping with the children.


Help keep the order and flow of the service.

Please prayerfully consider how you wish to help. What a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and support of Joyful Servants to the glory of God!

 Sign up online with signupgenius – link on CV website – or on the bulletin board.


October was a strong month for offering:

You may recall during the finance Temple Talk in October, there was some concern over the year-to-date offering totals being well below both the budget as well as the same time period last year. We are happy to say that October was a strong month from a giving standpoint.

The offerings received in October helped close the gap between the actual offerings received so far this year vs. budget, which is now about $13,000 below budget (compared to $20,000 below budget through September). Actual offering during the first 10 months is also about $2,000 more than at this same time last year (compared to being $7,000 less than last year through September). Thank you for your generous giving which supports the many ministries offered through Christus Victor.

 Audit Update:

The audit conducted by a third party auditing firm is complete, and the findings have been reported to the Church Council and finance committee. The audit did not find any significant issues with the financial reporting or internal control processes of CV, which is great news. The auditors did make some suggested changes to either help our financial reporting fall more in line with “generally accepted accounting principles” or to improve our processes. The auditors acknowledged that their recommendations for CV are very common among churches, particularly those of our size. Some of the suggestions have already been implemented, while others are still being evaluated to determine the pros and cons. If you have any questions regarding the results of the audit, please contact a member of the finance committee. Anyone interested in reviewing the audit report is also welcome to do so by contacting the Church office where hard copies are available. We do ask that the copies of the report remain at the Church.

 Volunteers Needed

We would like to thank Tom Iaria for his years of service on the finance committee, and are sad to report that he has announced that he will be “retiring” from the committee at the end of the year. If you are interested in joining the committee to assist with managing the finances of the Church, please contact a member of the finance committee…Tom, Lois Stark, Dave Sunwall, Aaron Nyquist, or Mike Radke. Thank you!

Senior Connection Events

December Events

Senior preview of BRAVO 2014 at Eastview HS

Wednesday, Dec 14 at 3:30

Eastview has not allowed us to save seats but we will attempt to do so for those who indicate intentions to attend on the sign-up sheet located on the narthex table.

Senior preview of A CHRISTMAS CAROL at Rosemount HS

Wednesday, Dec 10 at 3:30

Signup sheet on the narthex table.

January Event

Thursday, Jan 22 and will be a pot luck and movie with the Thursday Bible Study group.

Please channel suggestions for a movie to George: